Details about Dawn

Chapbook, I Know When to 10644132_10205010286485904_1834769230671059278_oKeep Quiet
Take Something When You Go


Poet. Writer. Writing Coach. Reader. Since childhood, Dawn has been fascinated by words and the paths they take to form stories both fictional and true.

Her work has appeared in journals such as Cumberland River Review, The Pedestal Magazine,, Willows Wept Review, Clear Poetry,  Poetry in Transit, Southern Women’s Review, Literary Mama, San Pedro River Review, Connecticut River Review and others.

Dawn has worked as an advertising copywriter and freelancer before working in the admission office of an independent school and as a middle-school English teacher. She has also worked as an adjunct, taught ESL and middle-school writing workshops, and as the associate director of a M.A./M.F.A. Creative Writing program and assistant to the President at Wilkes University. She is always ready for a road trip to give or attend a reading. She loves live music and to talk poetry and writing, swap recommendations for movies and books, and share about her love-dislike relationship with running. She has recently left the 9-5 world and has jumped back into the self-employed writing world.

Publications on the Web
Cumberland River Review

Clear Poetry

The Pedestal Magazine

Literary Mama

Southern Women’s Review

Book reviews and an interview in Poets’ Quarterly


4 thoughts on “Details about Dawn

  1. I caught your interview with Erika Funke on today’s Art Scene. Best wishes in your writing career. Your writing seems crisp and clean and beautifully narrative in tone.

  2. Happy to see you’re doing what you love, Dawn. So glad that our paths have crossed and I wish you all the best.

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